Italcaffèshop Italian Espresso Coffee Beans, Ground Coffee, Pods, & Capsules


Our Company
Italcaffè S.p.A. is an Italian coffee-roasting company whose factory and head office are located near La Spezia, Italy. Its activity consists in importing green coffee directly from the markets of origin of the raw material. Coffee is then roasted according to the best Italian tradition and then packed very carefully. 

Our Customers
Our company has been successfully carrying out its activity for many years through different channels such as the large-scale retail trade (department stores, supermarkets and Cash & Carry), Catering, the bar channel (bar, hotels and restaurants), and the sector of vending machines. 

Our long-standing experience in manufacturing coffee blends able to meet both private customers tasting their coffees at their own home, and the most difficult professional clients made up of barmen and restaurateurs, as well as offices and companies, is at your disposal. 

The most advanced roasting technology
Thanks to our advanced equipment, we vacuum manufacture our roasted coffee beans in special flexible package with the addition of a unidirectional valve for the gas emission (Aroma). 

The roasting of the harmonious combinations of differing coffee varieties unites the old artisan-care with advanced technology. 
Then in a few hours after production the roasted coffee bean starts an emission of carbon dioxide which becomes its protective atmosphere. 

As a result our professional customers will have many advantages, among which are an improved conservation of the aroma and fragrance of coffee beans and a real protection against environmental factors, such as humidity, pollution and others. 
Although such packets of coffee in beans are soft, they do not contain oxygen inside but only the carbon dioxide produced by the coffee beans over the days after the roasting process. 

The reason why we made such choice is to provide the customers wishing a top-quality product for their own espresso coffee maker with packets completely insulated from environmental factors.

UNI EN ISO-9001:2008 Quality Certification
The reliability of Italcaffe’s entire work process is guaranteed by the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 quality assurance. 
This certification made it necessary for our company to adopt severe control standards for its production process. 
In short our choice is a quality choice.